Thursday, April 11, 2024

Remember It

Never mind whatever else I said about X-Men '97. This episode blew me away. Keep the kleenex handy when you watch it. Damn.

I already saw one person wish-speculating that this will all be undone because Cable showing up means time travel. And, look, I want characters I like to live and be happy as much as anybody else, but I hate when people turn powerful stories into jokes by "fixing" the sad part.

Please, please, please, don't cop out on this. 

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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Back in Middle Earth

I had been listening to audiobooks on the way home from work. I listened to Bonfire and Darth Plagueis and The Exorcist. 

I started listening to Book of Swords but it kinda put me off after a while. I'm not sure why. Anyway, I got out of the habit. 

The original idea was to read stuff that's new to me. Recently, though, I decided I needed some Tolkien in my life again so I started Lord of the Rings (unabridged, not one of the dramatized versions). 
I'm in the midst of one of my favorite parts, the Old Forest / Barrow Downs bit (and the Shire-to-Rivendell journey in general). Pure joy.

It's probably the best thing happening in my life right now.

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Monday, March 11, 2024

Death to DST

Adjusting all the clocks for Daylight Saving Time always makes me feel like a collaborator. Like, did I really do everything I could to fight this abomination before I recanted?

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Thursday, February 01, 2024

Shaking Off Mud

I do these visualizations to meditate, sometimes. In one, I imagine all my financial/social obligations as a field of thick, clingy mud. It starts to pull me down, and I give myself to the Fire. The Fire burns brightly enough to dry the mud, and, as its vessel, I do too. We bake the mud into solid steps I can climb. We burn more. We burn brightly enough to cook the whole pit into a platform I can walk across. Finally, the Fire lifts me off the ground and all the mud, the flesh, falls away. The only obligation I have left is to keep burning. 

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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Defenders Sessions 8-11

I was scrolling through the "SuperHero" tag after posting last night's review and noticed that I never posted the rest of my Defenders session recaps. Some of these were just notes I wrote for myself, rather than for strangers to read, so there's that. Anyway, here ya go. Oh, and yes, one of my players who joined around this point just had to be a goddamn DC character. I apologize on his behalf.
Session 8 Recap (04/11/20)

Cut Scene: Skivorski investigating. Follows Croit and CTE enforcers into warehouse where he sees them packing up (take this/leave that). Croit mentions that they have to clear everything important out because "those Hydra freaks" have been snooping around. Suddenly we see Skivorski cry out and fall and pan up to Silencer, crouching on top of some crates. Croit and his crew, expecting more people to show up, rush to leave and carelessly knock over a barrel on Skivorski. As the villains leave, we see Skivorski scream and get up as bullets fall out of his skin. He staggers towards the front door as his skin bubbles and his features warp.

Jessica has been sleeping a lot. Harry hired a new drummer for Dazzler's band, Johann, "Jack" Toggins, a big nordic-looking guy. 

The Big Concert: Starts great, although Jack is a little heavy-handed. Then protesters show up with anti-powers signs. Fights break out, but Dazzler pacifies them with a light show and the song, "Imagine." Jess didn't have to intervene. Kate Kane was hanging out at the bar. 

While the crowd is clearing out, there's a scream from backstage. Alison, Jess, and Kate, show up and see Cassie with a Hydra-drained Lance. She says she just found him this way. Jess is compelled to link into Hyra-consciousness and finds out Cassie did it because Lance caught her melting stuff with her aura. Same with Beefer.

Jess pretends to help but really tricks Cassie into burning her arm a little and calls Costa. She uses the burn to make it obvious that Cassie is powered and get her hauled off to The Raft. Introductions and stuff. Everyone's famous. 

Later, Doc Samson (post-mutation Skivorski) shows up with his muscles and green hair and tells them about the warehouse in the Bronx. 

Session 9 (4/25/20)

Ali, Jess, and Kate check out the warehouse and find several hydras also checking it out. They find spilled chemicals and a control panel with three big buttons and masking-tape labels reading FEAR, DOUBT, and HATE. Jessica used her hydra link to get in on their plan and keep them away from the others. Their plan turned out to be destroying the vault and setting all its inmates loose on the city. None of them knew who Fury really was.

They also caught a guy named Basil Elks who tried to freeze Ali and Samson with some kind of psi power. 

Jessica left and tried to use her hydra abilities to identify Fury. A vague feeling made her suspect Trish. When confronted, Trish seemed oblivious so Jess tried to make contact again. Trish's expression changed suddenly. She said, "what have you done?" and passed out.

Session 10 (5/9/20)

Cassie got disintegrated by Fury on her way to the Raft.

Everybody ended up at Trish's apartment. They couldn't wake her up so they called Claire, who said she needed a hospital with big beepy machinery or something. After a little reconnaissance courtesy of Kate's drone, they found that the old theater across from Rudy's still had an active CTE lab. They broke in and intimidated the scientist there into letting them use his gadgets. 

Samson suggested projecting their minds into Trish's because "her consciousness is fragmented." In Trish's mind, they overcame some trippy obstacles and finally set her free from a funky dome thing. Trish woke up and told them there was more to Fury's plan and it had wanted to incorporate everyone into its hydra collective. Also, while the remaining hydras (including Jess) were no longer linked, some of them still had powers.

Session 11 (6/8/20)

With the destruction (?) of Fury, Hydra was going berserk in New York. Malcolm gathered a gaggle of powered peeps over at Alias and put together a plan to split up into groups and take down the assorted villains and their brainwashed minions all at once. Dazzler, who had seen Moon Knight die, was a little surprised to see him there. He shrugged it off as, "a Moon thing."

15th Precinct – Iron Fist, Frank Castle, Doc Samson
A ghost was terrorizing the 15th Precinct. Danny put on his Iron Fist outfit and joined Frank Castle and Doc Samson to check it out. They found Cassie ranting to a brainwashed mob about how Dazzler and her freak friends got her killed and she was going to get revenge. Frank ran in and begged Cassie to take him to the other side so he could see his family again. She reached into his chest and he dropped. Samson decided he should take on the ghost while Iron Fist did crowd control, which didn't work out so well because Samson couldn't touch her. Switching roles, Iron Fist found a way to drain her chi, although he pleaded with her to go in peace so he wouldn't have to destroy her. Once she was vacuumed up, they were able to revive Frank.

Times Square – Luke Cage, Colleen Wing, Moon Knight
Ripley Ryan and Vince Hayes were in Times Square preaching the virtues of Hydra. Ripley turned out to be so strong that she was even able to hurt Luke (Sweet Christmas!). Vince had mind control powers. Again, there was a mob to fight but the good guys won eventually.

Hell's Kitchen Pier – Hellcat, Misty Knight, Daredevil
Doreen Green, Jackson Day, Jason Macendale, and a bunch of goons were taking over a boat at one of the docks in Hell's Kitchen. Doreen's annoying power nullification ability caused Misty's arm to weaken. Jackson had rage powers and Jason had a bunch of gadgets. He also had a psychic thing, but he never got around to using it.

Next time, in part 2 the season finale, we get to find out what happened to Jessica, Alison, and Kate.

Session 12 (6/20/20)

Red Hook Pier – Jessica Jones, Dazzler, Batwoman
(Basil Elks, Joey Macone, Maddy Pryor)
Oops. I guess I never got around to doing this one. Bummer. I'm pretty sure there was a surreal party scene on a boat.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2024

One Episode of Echo

Checked out the first episode of Echo. I wonder if this is all we'll get to see of my beautiful Matt. I didn't really worry about that when I was watching She-Hulk because I wanted to watch the show anyway. This time... I dunno. I don't even like the main character, but liking the protagonist isn't a requirement.

I went on, thinking, hey, even without Daredevil, it'll be nice to be back in some approximation of the Marvel New York I loved in the Netflix shows. Yeah, well, about that. Once the flashbacks are over, the first thing they do is take us back to her home town in Oklahoma. 


To which I can only say what I always told my parents when I was a kid and we went to visit my cousins, I DON'T WANNA GO TO OKLAHOMA! It's not a good place. Basically, it's like the description of Africa in that British feed-the-skeleton-people Christmas song.  It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and ash and dust, the very air you breathe a poisonous fume.

Still, I'll probably go ahead and watch some more. I mean, I made it through Mad God. A show set in Oklahoma can't be too much worse.  

"Tonight, thank God it's them instead of you."

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