Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Creature Feature: Denzohld the Devil-King

"Body like Arnold with a Denzel face," the song goes. I've mentioned before that I always thought this sounded more like a monster from Babylonian mythology than a "mighty good man." I could see Denzohld the Devil-King with his army of goat-fish, breathing fire and wielding a barbed whip in his epic battle with Marduk. Further discussion led to a few additions, and now I have a Peryton RPG monster for you:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miscellaneous Updates

'Kay, so here's some stuff that's going on:

We stopped by the North Coast Gamers Holiday Game Bash last weekend but weren't able to hang around as long as we would have liked. Still, it was a fun visit and we had a good session of Walk the Sprial.

There was an overall positive review of Peryton RPG over at Trollish Delver, complete with a wacky troller who apparently doesn't know the difference between Tom and me.

Glow World, the second part of Tom's Quest for Trollstar is out too. It's an adventure for the New Khazan setting.

Tom has posted several installments of Trolls Upon Trolls, a series of monster write-ups for T&T. So far, he's got a Lope Troll, a Cave Troll, a Chaos Troll, and a Sea Troll. Readers are warned that these links are pure, unfiltered Tom. Enjoy in moderation.

Over on Google+, We've created a page for Peryton RPG.

It Came from Beyond the Stars, by Scott Malthouse, is out at DriveThruRPG and has already earned one good review.

Over at Troll Hammer, Paul Ingrassia has reviewed Tom's Under the Sundered Moon adventure (T&T, of course.)