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Losing Lanterns
In Losing Lanterns, Zira, a roguish explorer and treasure-hunter from a medieval world, is drawn into the multiverse-spanning machinations of a charming, amoral mystic. She finds herself exploring the between-space known as Qalidar and strange echoes of her own home world. While dealing with a terrible loss, she discovers disturbing things about the forces that shaped her universe and the inhuman intelligences that are trying to warp it even further.

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Stars, Specters, and Super-Powers
Stars, Specters, and Super-Powers includes these short stories:
  • The Black Sphinx of Dover: An encounter at a sci-fi convention after-party changes everything for two newcomers. The protagonist's hazy memories of a disturbing incident haunt her until she returns to find out what really happened.
  • Starshadows in Sideways Time: In the far future, a space ark fleeing the dying universe is assaulted by mysterious alien entities.
  • All Your Friends Are Monsters: Two medieval warriors escape a gladiatorial slave pit with the help of an ally who might be more dangerous than their enemy.
  • Turmierre Returns to the Sky: Horgic and Charn meet their benefactor and discover the purpose for which they were freed.
  • A Bad Habit: An enhanced agent in a world of government-controlled supermen begins to explore new abilities.
  • Its Own Place: A traveler’s entire reality begins to unravel after encountering an occult ritual.
  • Mister Blue Sky: An emotionally scarred super-powered hero and her friends go up against a quirky magical menace with the help of a famous otherworld champion.
  • The Man Comes Around: Unfortunate hikers are caught up in the battle between an alien scientist and the villainous Covenant.
  • Misfits and Mistakes: In the midst of an alien invasion, competing factions of super-powered beings struggle to claim one powerful but unpredictable resource.
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The Nameless Way

The Nameless Way is a novel in progress. For more information, click here.