Monday, June 27, 2022

Zombie Dream

I dreamed I was with a group of people stuck in an office building on some kind of lockdown. I don't think we knew what the cause was and we were trying to find out what was going on and find a way out. We had gone down to the basement where the servers for the network were and I remembered that the basement had a stairway to the outside. The part with the stairway was separated by transparent plexiglass walls and door of the same stuff. I had to hit this buzzer thing like the electric switches they use for handicap access doors.

We poked around (there were more rows of computers there) and found that the door to the outside wouldn't open. I saw little robot thing with a big sci-fi gun on it floating through the aisles and told everybody we needed to go back and close the door fast. Everybody got out but this one guy and we had to close the door on him so the robot wouldn't get out. It shone a light on him from the gun and he shriveled up, screaming, until he was no more than a mummified husk. I saw his hand still twitching as we ran out of the room.

There was a lot of running around after that and horribly deformed, mutated zombie things, the other employees, were added to the mix. I think they were radioactive or something because we were terrified not just of being torn up and eaten, but of even getting close to them. Somehow I ended up escaping in this tank-like car. In addition to me and the driver, there was a Russian guy with some backstory I can't remember (if it was ever more than hinted at).

Then I was in this small, mostly abandoned town. Most of the previous scenario kind of drifted away. There had been a more conventional zombie apocalypse, but the zombies were mostly gone too. I found a decrepit house and a voice told me that this was where it started. There were little maggot things in the sink and the idea was that these had infected people and turned them into zombies.

There was something about how you could eat the worms and absorb the memories of the people they had zombified, but of course you had to make sure they were dead or they'd zombify you instead. Plus you had to eat worms.

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