Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#RPGaDay 20: Will Still Play in 20 Years

Twenty years is a long time to be forecasting my gaming habits! I guess the safe bet would be some flavor of Dungeons & Dragons. Apart from the years of familiarity with its basic assumptions, there's another thing D&D has going for it that will probably keep bringing me back every time I wander off for a while:

Medieval fantasy sets up a world where travel, even over what we think of as short distances, is an adventure in itself. I guess other people could do it differently, but if I'm running a game and the players want to get from Point A to Point B, that's at least one session right there. It might be something I set up, and it might just be seeing what inspiration the random encounter table brings, but something is going to happen on that trip. That, and the fact that a primitive world has maps with more unknown territory than Empire give this particular style of gaming a special appeal. A lot of these things can apply to plenty of games other than D&D, of course, but that's still what I'm going with for now.

But who knows? In 20 years I might be ranting about how role-playing games are a frivolous waste and we should be spending all that extra time praising Nyarlathotep.

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