Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ming's Throne

I had a dream that I thought of this wonderful post about the back of Ming's throne being a live tiger. I know, I know, but look, it sounded brilliant in the dream. Just go with it. So I ran to get my phone and hit the Twitter app (there's no G+ app for Windows Phone so that would be a pain) and started to type. Then my right eye went blind. As distressing as this was, I decided I wanted to finish typing before saying anything about it.

Then the font started screwing up. Who even knew you could change fonts in Twitter, right? It kept trying to post in this kind of ornate Gothic fantasy-looking thing. Apparently eager to drive home the absurdity of this situation, the dream switched my eye back on.

Shortly after that, I woke up, wondering if I would really delay calling for help with something that scary, just to finish typing a weird message.

Epilogue: I noticed that the pillow was covering my right eye. Obviously, both eyes were closed, so you wouldn't think it would matter, but I wonder if my dream was interpreting the difference in the amount of light as some kind of deficiency.

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