Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Anonymous TSR Employee

I came across this little bit of gaming history from 1997 on the Wayback Machine. Never mind what I was doing.
Hi. I'm a TSR employee. At this time, I wish to remain anonymous. I have a few things to say about the possible upcoming buyout of TSR by Wizards Of The Coast. For the most part, I and the other TSR employees think that this will be a good thing. Many of the WotC staff members are AD&D gamers...
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Did it ever came out who this was? Or, for that matter, was it a single person at all? Don't get me wrong; I find it easy to believe that TSR-staffers felt this way. It's just that this wasn't something that popped up on a forum or a blog comment or even got mailed to a newspaper (Or was it? I suppose it's possible that they clipped it from some other publication after the fact.). It was posted on the company website, presumably with the knowledge and approval of lots of other people.

So anyway, I was thinking that maybe several people got together and wrote this up as a group, or maybe that it was just a public relations release, or maybe it really was just one person who wrote this up and gave it to the webmaster or whoever. Anybody know?

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