Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Devil's Den

Well, I didn't get as far as I'd hoped but, considering that I really wanted to get some hiking in, finishing the whole draft was a little unrealistic. I'm not unhappy with the progress I did make, and the time alone in one of my favorite places was reinvigorating. 

So anyway, here's a clip from last week's work. There's a bunch more pictures after the jump break. You'll probably have to click a link if you're reading this through some kind of feed manager thing.

Ezren woke up in the dark. After some fumbling and tracing of runes with his fingers, he found one of the charms he had made at Ash's house. A few whispered names and the little wooden token lit up. Blood, viscera, and stunted limbs were all around him. Iczifractas was sitting nearby, cleaning herself.

It wasn't the same corridor he had been in when he was knocked out. This one was sloped and unfinished, with a deep thrum pulsing through the stone. On the lower, rougher, side, someone had been liberating a metallic apparatus from solid rock. Stiff brushes and small, precise chisels testified to the care they had been taking. The thing stretched from wall to wall and probably beyond. A crude metal staircase wound through a hole in the ceiling on the other side. 

Iczifractas picked up something in her teeth and trotted to Ezren. With a proud "mmrow," she dropped a huge opalescent eyeball at Ezren's feet. 

Ezren looked around at all the dero parts scattered about and scratched the cat on the cheek. "Somebody's been a very good girl," he said. Iczifractas rubbed against him and purred. Ezren wondered how long Iczifractas had been able to murder a room full of people on her own.

More pictures & stuff below:

The snow storm Tom heroically drove me through to get there

Lee Creek and the Waterfall

Lots of Ice on the Waterfall

"The Devil's Chimney"

Devil's Den Cave

Ice Stalagmites

That's right -- I grilled 

"The Devil's Icebox"

"The Devil's Icebox"

The Cafe, Store, and Swimming Pool across the Lake

View from Yellow Rock

Yellow Rock Trailhead


  1. Wow. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them and the clip from your story. Sorry you didn't get as far as you'd have liked with the writing, but I think absorbing all the natural surroundings could also help spark ideas for future stories, which isn't a bad thing from a writing perspective. But for the sake of productivity, will your next writer's retreat be in a more boring place? :)

    1. LOL. Yeah, maybe I'll just rent a trailer in an abandoned movie theater parking lot. But I think you're right about the surroundings being helpful, too.