Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Once More, We Have Survived

I'm back from InConTroll, which was essentially a Troll Hoot in a game store in Indianapolis. We ran five sessions at the Arsenal Game Room & Cafe, four of which were playtests for our own new games.

Tom's Tunnels & Trolls game was a continuation of the campaign my wizard, Jerry's dwarf, and Trevor's troll have been making their way through with various extras for the past few years. This one had something to do with stuff being developed for the Trollish Delver's Peakvale setting. There was a high body count, but Jherrrii the Great and Alanthea survived, which is only proper.

Scott's ND-RPG card-based game has some neat rules. I'm eager to see where it goes. The scenario was really just a combat experiment though, so there's not much to say. My Walk the Spiral scenario, "Shadows of Silver Cove," went well, with several players saying they found it creepy and Twilight Zone-ish. I'll be running it again at BASHCon, so I'm not going to post the full summary until after that. Trevor took us on a snake-killing rampage with his Dynamo (which was originally Quantum and briefly Bolt & Hammer) RPG for the evening show, when, as usual, everyone was kind of punchy.

Finally, on Sunday, we played Scott's board game, a very detailed arena combat game in which we took the role of people who own gladiators (there's probably a better name for that which escapes me at the moment), equipping our various conscripts, champions, and monsters and sending them out to fight. It's not really my kind of game, but I still had a great time. He really has this thing well thought-out. I would probably have gotten tired of it if we played for the full duration, but for a few hours it was really cool.

And that's it. I'm not going to go into the kind of detail I usually do and write up the whole weekend because I'm kind of busy, but Tom and Jerry (I love saying that) have summed it all up admirably, and even provided pictures, in their own blogs.

And by the way, if you didn't get the classic film reference in the title of this entry, shame on you.

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