Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shapes in Fog

Foggy morning.  I took some pictures because I love fog, but photographs never seem to really capture the spirit of foggyness.  Here's the best I was able to do:

So, fog.  I guess the thing about fog is, when you're looking off into it, you feel like that's what the whole world is ultimately made of.  Things fade in from their native substance and melt away just as readily, like the figures you think you see moving in the dark, right after you turn out the lights.  That tree in the distance?  That's no more real than a cloud-shape.  Look at it long enough, and it might turn into something else.  And, walking through the fog, you know that the people you pass see you only as one more evanescent shape in that gray limbo, so you get to be otherworldly as well.  That's fog.


  1. This would actually make a really good pic for a post-apocalypse RPG setting. Mind if I use it for non-commercial endeavors?

  2. Yeah, I guess that's okay. Just give me credit (and a link would be nice if it's online) and of course don't claim copyright on it or anything like that.