Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Busy-Ness

My list for this year is looking kind of daunting.  I haven't even managed to sort these, yet.
  • Edit Matt Franks' Freddy Tampa story for Tom's WHAP noir thing.  I can't even grouse about this being dumped on me, because I volunteered.  I saw gleams of coolness in this story that I was afraid another editor would smudge.  Maybe I won't do any better.  We'll see.
  • Finish Qalidar Old School, my conversion of Qalidar to the old style D&D variants, Peryton RPG, and Tunnels & Trolls.  I'm more than halfway done with this and originally stopped because I was hit with an overwhelming urge to write a T&T adventure (see a few steps down).  Then I had to prep my Christmas adventure for my trip to Arkansas.
  • Finish Peryton Basic PDF and get a Peryton RPG character sheet up for free on the DriveThru site.  I'm almost finished with this, if not completely.  I want to release it all simultaneously with Qalidar Old School, though, so it waits.
  • Gen Con business.  Lodging arrangements, registration, all that stuff.
  • Same deal for BASH Con in Toledo and a room for the Troll Hoot somewhere near Columbus.
  • Finish the short, untitled Tunnels & Trolls adventure that I started in the middle of something else I was supposed to be doing.
  • Finish the also-untitled werewolf adventure or another one for Swords & Wizardry (etc.) which, again, I abandoned for questionable reasons late in 2009.
  • Finish the book of True20 critters for Qalidar.
  • Write the Aqua Teen Hunger Force scenario for POW! that I'll be running at Gen Con this year.
  • Write the Qalidar/Keep on the Borderlands scenario for True20 that I'll be running at Gen Con this year.
  • Write an adventure for the T&T Halloween collection we're doing.
  • Find an editor for the Peryton Magazine/Newsletter/Bulletin/Whatever.  Must be cheap, brilliant, and willing to take abuse.
  • Cook up some small freebies and/or cheapies for Peryton RPG.
  • Someday maybe Isun (T&T) and Loar, which have been promised for, like, ever and may once again be put off.
  • Maybe do something with that Ezren story that I started back in... whenever. 2001, I think.
The most important one to get done is probably the Qalidar critters book, but I'm thinking maybe a low-hanging fruit approach might be the best way to get started.  The easiest stuff to pick off would be BASH Con, Freddy Tampa, Qalidar Old School, and Peryton Basic.  I ought to be able to get BASH Con and Freddy Tampa done tonight.

Hey, it's a start.

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