Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Daydream of Justice

In an online chat while at work, I mentioned to Tom that I'd been called for jury duty next week and...

Tom: My woman's going to be a judge! big bucks!

Me: lol. No, nobody wants that to happen.

Tom: Only the guilty don't

Me: I am Robin the Judge and I sentence you to FIRE!

Tom: 12 ppl were sentenced to be burned outside of cityhall today for repeated parking violations

Me: That's what you get for besmirching Robin's New World with your petty crimes!

Tom: And a convicted double homicide suspect who looked a lot like Stringer Bell on the TV show the Wire was sentenced to comunity service for a week.

Me: Well, sometimes you have to show mercy.

Tom: All hail Robin the merciful.

Me: Am I not merciful? AM I NOT MERCIFUL?

Tom: (room full of ppl wearing burlap yell "Yes!...?")

Me: Now there's a justice system I'd be proud to support.

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