Tuesday, November 14, 2023


I was watching what appears to be the last episode of Loki and thinking, this guy doesn't deserve to be called Loki. He's a tool of authority, just taking the options someone else offers him, like a player in a bad GM's pre-scripted adventure. 

I don't think it'll be too much of a spoiler to say that I was pleasantly surprised that he *did* end up creating his own path, as any Trickster worthy of the name will. There was an ugly authoritarian angle to the way it worked out, but we can only expect so much from corporate art. It was never gonna be Losing Lanterns.

Three out of four stars. Robin says check it out.

"It’s full of death and destruction and injustice. Do you really wanna be the god who takes away everyone’s free will so you can protect that?"

"But what good is free will if everyone’s dead?"

"And who are you to say we can’t die trying? Who are you to decide we can’t die fighting? You’re replacing one nightmare with another. I grew up in apocalypses. I’ve lived through enough of them to know that sometimes it’s okay to destroy something--"

"If… If there’s hope that you can replace that thing with something better."

Loki from Wagner: They are hastening to their end, they who imagine themselves so firmly enduring. I'm almost ashamed to share in their dealings! How strongly I'm tempted to change myself again into licking flames, consuming the ones who once tamed me, rather than blindly passing away with the blind, were they ever so godlike! That's not such a bad idea! I'll think it over. Who knows what I'll do?

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