Friday, January 20, 2023

Fire Up the Ephemera Furnace

Back in 2010, Elder Tunnels published a short adventure of mine called "The Ephemera Furnace." The villain in the piece (well, sort-of villain) is a mostly-dead knight whose priests held back his soul and kept him "alive" using a device that extracts the emotional energy from sentimental objects and converts it into magic fuel. 

Here in the far-flung future world of 2023, I'm finding myself short on cash, so I've fired up my own ephemera furnace on eBay, selling old collectibles. Some of them were mine, some were Mike's, and some were just things left over from our long-extinct comics & games store. I sold comic books first because I had some valuable ones and they're easy to ship. Now I'm adding toys to the catalog. 

The latest batch includes two of the original Mattel Star Wars toys (Dewback and Scout Walker) and a beat-up Rodan from the Shogun Warriors line. These were all Mike's. He liked big stuff, which made his stuff good display items for the store, which in turn meant that they ended up, mostly intact, in my storage shed.

Rodan was special. Mike loved giant monsters. I'm glad he lived long enough to see Pacific Rim. Instead of fighting Shogun Warriors (I'll also have some of those up for sale soon), he liked to start off having his titans menace smaller-scale toys. It was a dark day for He-Man and friends when Rodan and Godzilla came for Castle Grayskull. 

Rodan is also a popular collectible, though, and it's not like I was getting anything out of keeping him buried in the shed, so into the Ephemera Furnace he goes. At least, in a new collection, it'll be part of someone's life again.

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Saturday, January 07, 2023

Digging for Something

I don't really have anything interesting enough to merit a 2022 retrospective post. Or maybe it's the other way around. Maybe I'm just not interested enough in sharing.

Anyway, I've been selling some of my old collectibles on eBay, and Tom suggested that I might do blog entries about the stuff I'm selling. Right now I've got a clump of Gold Key Doctor Solar comics and Barry Windsor-Smith's Storyteller run up for auction. Seems a bit late to write about those. I don't know much about Storyteller because I haven't read it and never much cared for Barry's work in the first place. It was just something left over from the store.

But, as I put other stuff up, I might use that as an excuse to blog a bit. I've been pretty busy writing other things.

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