Sunday, June 16, 2019

AKA Best Thing Ever

Okay, anybody who's still reading my posts knows that I'm totally ga-ga for Netflix's Jessica Jones show, so take this with however many grains of salt you need.

I'm about halfway through Season 3 and, while I hate to say anything before the end, the final season is looking like the best. On top of an exciting serial killer plot with street-level superheroes, it's got writers who clearly love their subjects. And I mean writer-love, not people-love. Nobody has it easy, but every one of them has depth. Whether I like these characters as people or not, I feel like I know them, and I care what happens to them. I could say more, but I don't wanna spoil anything on opening weekend.

Also, I'm super happy that Pryce Chang hasn't shown his douchey face. At least not yet.

But I'm still mad at Disney for killing it.