Monday, June 03, 2013

Carnage 2013 Events

Submitted my events for Carnage on the Mountain:

Hourglass Part II: Helter Skelter
This session is the second part of Hourglass, a two-part adventure, but you can easily jump in at this point if you want. The first part is Corporate Raiders, run by Tom K. Loney. Just when you thought you might get the inside of your beleaguered building under control, you lost the outside. What is all that stuff floating out there in the dark, anyway? And why is it coming toward you?
Qalidar: Resistance RPG
Day: Friday
Slot: 7pm - 11pm

The Cave of Crystal Souls
Far away from the rest of civilization, safe under the shoulders of a great mountain, is a village called Halscia. The people of Halscia have always lived simple, serene lives, untouched by the greed and violence that marred the outer world. But now the Halscians sleep restlessly, their dreams haunted by shadowy figures digging into their souls. Their village and their mountain have been infiltrated by an enemy they can't understand or even see.

Pinholes in the Curtain of Night
Bottomless wells inscribed with occult symbols keep turning up. You've seen portals like this before, but these "zodiac pits" have always been a rare and poorly understood phenomenon. Now, someone has either discovered that there are many more hidden zodiac pits than were previously suspected, or has found a way to create new ones. Some otherworldly miasma is boiling up from the depths, and its smothering grip tightens every time a new zodiac pit is uncovered.
Qalidar: Resistance RPG
Day: Saturday
Slot: 1pm - 5pm

The times aren't set in stone. What's posted here is just what I requested.