Friday, July 25, 2008


Over the past few months, I've heard a few references to something called "ska." I gather that this is a musical style of some sort, possibly one that's been around a while. Everyone else seems to accept it as a familiar term. To me, though, it still sounds like some kind of fish disease.

"Hey Roy, what's that crusty stuff on your tetras?"

"Oh, they got that ska fungus. I've changed out the tank twice but I still can't get rid of the damn stuff."

"Have you tried putting in some of those sucker fish to clean the walls?"

"Ayuh. Killed them too."

"Nasty stuff, that ska."

Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Morning Morpheus

I got a text message on my phone this morning that just said "wake up." I didn't recognize the number it came from and I still haven't figured out who it was. I'm still waiting for it to add, "the Matrix has you."

Friday, July 04, 2008

Origins 2008

We scouted out Origins last weekend and had a great time. Tom sums it up nicely on his blog, along with other stuff.

I got to try out 4th edition D&D, which... I don't know. Several things about this version are starting to bother me. Anyway, even if it was only because we had a good DM and players, it was fun.

Next year maybe I'll run some games.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Rainy Day Adventure

This isn't finished, but I thought since it's already gotten to the point where the first sentence is wrong (it was two Sundays ago, now) I should go ahead and post what I've got, and just wrap it up later.

This past Sunday we decided to go to the movies. Not much of an adventure in itself, but we recently discovered a new bike trail that starts near our home and runs along the Cuyahoga valley all the way to the movie theater at Valley View. It may run all the way to Akron, but we weren't looking for that much of an adventure. So we bussed it over to the Old Angle Inn for our traditional Sunday lunch, then took another bus down to Steelyard Commons (near the trail head) and started hiking, I brought my big umbrella because they were predicting thunderstorms, but Tom didn't bring anything because he thought it would just be a few sprinkles.

Despite the fact that it runs right through the city, the valley is sheltered enough that it harbors some decent forest growth and makes for a very pleasant walk. The rain started fairly early on the walk, so Tom was good and drenched before long, not wanting to slow us down by huddling under my umbrella. At first the trail favored the river or some tributary, but then it joined up with an old canal trail and stayed mostly on that side. We passed a few bikers, a whole herd of joggers, and several other walkers going the other way, not seeming to mind the rain too much. We got to watch a train go over on a high bridge (I snapped a picture) and encountered a few branches with somewhat puzzling signs but decided not to indulge our curiosity this time. After all, the straight path along the canal was just as new.

Later the path got a little twisty and started going under unfamiliar bridges and we started wondering if we were going the right way, until we caught sight of