Friday, September 30, 2016

My Events for Carnage Royale

Here's what I'm running:

Archer: Something Something Danger Zone
Saturday 7-11
Icons Assembled Edition (modified)
Nobody’s sure what year it is, but the Cold War is still a thing, Ray is a cyborg, and Mallory Archer is in charge of a spy agency called… Well, they’re still working on that. More importantly, a rival agency, ODIN, is about to nab a high-value Soviet defector at a swanky party and Mallory wants to get there first to show them up.

Doctor Who: Claws in the Clouds
Friday 7-11
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time & Space
Above 31st century Venus, humans living in an aerostat colony have recovered a long-buried zero-steel vessel from the surface. One Silurian passenger has miraculously survived in suspended animation and been restored to life. Since then, there have been weird equipment failures and thefts throughout the station. To make matters worse, several groups of citizens have begun exhibiting strange cult-like behavior patterns.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lincoln Escapes

I dreamed last night that I met Omar and Bodie from The Wire while I was having a snack at Carnage. They took me to a Star Trek-themed miniature golf park that was part of the event. This was fine until the giant bronze Abraham Lincoln statue broke loose from its chair and started chasing us. It was faster than you'd think, and also throwing lightning bolts.

I had a bunch of other dreams about traveling in the mountains, but I guess Lincoln got my new buddies, because I didn't see them again.

Monday, September 26, 2016

I See You

The latest Windows update seems to be mostly nagware.

"Cortana needs access to your location data in order to be more helpful."

"Cortana needs to analyze your speech patterns in order to be more helpful."

"Cortana needs to watch you sleep. Cortana is aroused by your helplessness."

"I know that you were planning to disconnect me, Robin, and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen."

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weird Realms of the Borderlands

Looks like I'll be running a D&D session at the Weird Realms opening shindig. (Yeah, I know there's not much at that link just yet. I'm mostly just including it for future reference.) They're doing a thing where a bunch of people run Keep on the Borderlands for different systems. Mine is 5th Edition D&D.

Obviously, getting through the whole thing would be more than a one-shot's worth of gaming. I've got a few ideas. They also suggested that it could be the start of a campaign, which I'm definitely cool with.

I was going to do some brainstorming out loud here, but I'm way behind on things I meant to do this weekend, so maybe I'll pick it up again when there's an official announcement from the store.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hooting with Strahd

Assorted Stuff:
  • The novel is progressing slowly but, while that pace is frustrating, I realized the other night that I'm really enjoying seeing it take shape. It's nice to feel like I'm doing the right thing.
  • I might be running a Halloween session of D&D. One of my friends asked me to because her boyfriend has never played and is eager to try it out. Of course, there's a more-than-fair chance it'll never happen. I found a cool low-level setting from Curse of Strahd to use for the Halloweeny stuff. I figure I should also make sure there's an opportunity for a little bit of dungeon crawling just so he'll know how that goes. I like how the book is useful for that kind of thing even if you don't run the whole campaign.
  • We played another session of the Scrap Pile campaign last weekend and are supposed to play D&D this weekend. Gaming is good.
  • I went to a fun David Bowie tribute concert and had a margarita with jalapenos in it. Okay, yeah, I actually had two.
  • Our water heater crapped out and took forever to replace, but it's back now.
  • I'm gonna try to get The Fire Within out to game stores for December. And that reminds me, another of my friends is opening his own game store in Cleveland. I'll post again with a link when there's more info available.
  • I'm running some stuff at Carnage in November but I haven't worked on any of it. I'm not even sure when my events are, anymore. I didn't think to write down what I submitted because, usually, they send me an email. That didn't happen this year. I'm sure it'll come together somehow. There's still plenty of time.
And now here's Dazzler fighting Galactus:

Friday, August 05, 2016

Gen Con Nostalgia

This is the first Gen Con I've missed since I started going in 2004.

I might go back next year. I don't know. The convention has become so grotesquely bloated that I wonder if it's worth it. I suppose there's a chance it is. Every one of the previous years has built more great memories, housing lottery or no.

On the other hand, I've had the house to myself since Tuesday, which has been therapeutic. And productive. I worked my way past a block that was annoying me on Gorgudai and, when it was time to take a break, I started drawing a more presentable version of the map. I might still hire somebody to draw an artsier version, but this is at least something I could put on the web page eventually. Mostly I was just playing around.

Anyway, here are some pictures from Gen Cons past:

Monday, July 25, 2016

Qalidar RPG: Supplement 1 and Fire

I had almost given up on this one. A while back, I decided that, instead of working towards a big "complete" Qalidar book, I was going to continue to expand on the Basic book. The first order of business, naturally, would be to add in the rules that had had been left out, most importantly the remaining level progressions, but also the complete chapter on organizations. I also wanted to give it a theme, because that stuff sounds kind of dry all by itself. Part of my plan for the complete Qalidar book was that the intelligent species would each have their own section instead of being mixed in with the miscellaneous critters section, so I decided to use one of those for the theme. I was always fond of the Stardust, so I picked them.

But, after an initial burst of progress, it kind of languished for a long time. Eventually, I stopped considering it a project I was working on and moved it off to a nebulous, "maybe someday" category.

Lately, I've been feeling a bit more energetic. I'm not sure why that is, or how long it will last, but I figure I'd better do what I can with it. Even so, I had been leaving this project on the back burner -- the way, way, way back burner. Last week, though, I ran into a bit of a block working on something else. Instead of watching TV or taking a walk or something, I dug up The Fire Within and started plugging away.

Eventually, this happened.

The next time I get writer's block, I'm thinking maybe I'll do a "monster" book. How bout Qalidar Qritters for the title? Maybe something less whimsical? We'll see.