Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gen Con 2015 - My Events

I've got my events worked out for Gen Con 2015! The Peryton Gamers group is doing two theme days, Paranatural Thursday and Moonage Friday. I don't have event numbers yet, and I suppose, theoretically, the times could change. They never have, but I guess anything's possible. I'll probably just come back to this page and edit the new stuff in if it does change.

Anyway, pretty psyched!

ParaNatural Thursday

Shadow of the Peryton
Qalidar: Resistance - Thursday 8pm-Midnight
The quiet college town of Blackridge is being haunted by a soaring shadow, a dark, winged shape with antlers. On the ground, weird agents are looking for something, terrorizing people in their homes and then disappearing. Is it just a coincidence that there's a nuclear power plant nearby?

Moonage Friday

Raiders of the Dark Nebula
Icons Assembled Edition - Friday 2pm-6pm
The dust of a dead star-god, the Tenebrous Nebula has sheltered many strange civilizations, but none as relentlessly expansionist as the Dire Wraiths. Since their awakening at the fall of the Ilkani homeworld, these shape-shifting techno-mages have terrorized entire star systems. Take the role of a starfaring super-hero in this mashup of Micronauts, Farscape, Rom, and assorted other space fantasies.

Doctor Who: Out of Joint
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space - Friday 7pm-11pm
Swept into a twisted branch of the Time Vortex created by the nascent Time War, the Eighth Doctor finds himself surrounded by an impossible assortment of companions in an abandoned Dalek city far in Skaro's future. Or, more precisely, a maze of Skaro's possible futures.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Inappropriate Mysteries of the Jersey Shore
Bean! (Heavily Modified) - Friday 11pm-3am
Take the roles of animated fast food products or one of their neighbors in this off-the-rails RPG based on the late night cartoon.

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