Saturday, May 31, 2014

Carnage 2014 Events

I've submitted my games for Carnage 2014:

Shadroc's Last Stand 
5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons
Friday Night 7pm-11pm
The necromancer Shadroc has tormented you for most of your careers, but not anymore. Realizing he's no longer in control, he turned and fled. He slipped past you in Dyvers, led you into an ambush in Nulb, framed you in Gradsul, and you've all agreed never to speak of what happened in Westkeep. Now you've got him cornered. He's hiding out in a hellish mountain valley pocked with noxious geothermal vents, and he has nowhere else to go. That's a good thing, right?

Stetsons Are Cool
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time & Space
Saturday Afternoon 1pm-5pm
After the war criminal Magnus Greel's escape almost caused a catastrophic double nexus collapse, further development of Zygma beam technology was banned and all signs of its use carefully monitored. You've been sent to a primitive settlement in the wastelands of nineteenth century America because a new Zygma projection has been detected, and the dusty rat-hole of Scurl's Hollow is its only stable endpoint.

A Strange Shootout in Silver Springs
Qalidar: Resistance
Saturday Night 7pm-11pm
Gunfights aren't common in this out-of-the-way Ozark Mountain settlement, but that ritzy new resort establishment up on the hill has attracted some strange customers. The fact that a bunch of folks were shooting it out last week is odd enough, but some of the bodies were even odder. They say one of them had some kind of stubby horns or something, and reflective plates fixed right in over his eyes, if he even had eyes. And that other one - well, the constable whisked his body off right away and won't talk about it, but old Skip Simpson from down by the bluff says it was bent up all wrong, and it smelled like tar.

Other Peryton Gamers events can be found here (eventually). As always, while I think I'm likely to get these slots, check the program to be certain of the final time and date.

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