Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Back from Wonderland

Carnage in Wonderland was awesome. It was a fun trip with lots of good friends and great gaming. I'll be updating this blog shortly with all the details, but Tom, speed-blogger that he is, has already got part one of his version up and able, so remember, don't believe his lies.

I can't get over how well the two-part pilot episode of the Walk the Spiral went. I managed to pull off one of my best GM'ing runs ever, but I also had two groups of excellent players without whom it could never have come to life. Like I said, more about that is coming real soon.


  1. Your players looked like they were having a fantastic time! I suspect you and Tom are going to have waiting lists for your games next year!

  2. Here's hoping! :-D
    I think Monk outdid us both on the buzz front, though. I was hearing people talk about his games all weekend.