Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Creature Feature: Frost Wisp

Providing lots of spirits for the Peryton RPG is still a goal, given their importance in spell-casting mishaps and creating magic items. Here's another one, with a picture, even! The picture was a fairly lucky find, considering that I wrote the description before I saw it.

Image © Hans Hillewaert / CC-BY-SA-3.0
Medium Outsider (Spirit)
Hit Dice: 6d8
Speed: Fly 60
Armor Class: 16 (+2 Dex, +4 Natural)
Attack Bonus: +8 melee
Damage: 1d8 + Draining Touch
Special Qualities: Spirit (Draining Touch: Dex), 2 attacks
Saves: Fort +4 Ref +10 Will +5
Abilities: Str 11, Dex 14, Con -, Int 10, Wis 11, Chr 10
Environment: any

Frost wisps are sometimes conjured accidentally when spells like Cone of Cold are botched. A frost wisp resembles a pale blue, translucent sheet of undulating jelly with an uneven fringe of cilia. Glowing striations of color and tiny symbols are visible within. It flutters through the air as if swimming, leaving a chill in its wake even when not fully manifested.

Icy Embrace: If a frost wisp hits the same medium or smaller target with both touch attacks and then wins a contested Dexterity check, it has wrapped itself around the victim. The enveloped character can still move normally because of the spirit's pliant body, but will automatically take 2d8 points of cold damage and be affected as if hit by the wisp's Draining Touch attack every round. Any attacks against the frost wisp will also damage the victim, unless a natural twenty is rolled (for spells and other sources of damage that don't require an attack roll, just roll the d20 anyway to check for this). The spirit will only release its target when one of them dies.

Spell-Like Abilities: (1/day) Obscuring Mist, Ice Storm, Cone of ColdHold Monster

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