Monday, May 17, 2010

The Beast Below

The Beast BelowYes, I'm a little behind on my Doctor Who episodes.  I could catch up, but I think I'll just stay behind, do one a week, and savor every episode... unless there's a cliffhanger I just can't stand, which is actually another good reason for staying behind.  ;-)

Anyway, I know the terrible secret of Spaceship UK and I know who's behind it.  What I don't know is, who hired that little girl to read a creepy poem every time somebody gets dumped into the pit? 

Still loving the new series.  Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are great, the writing is spot on, and the new opening credits are growing on me.  I love Smith's gotcha laugh, "ha-HAAA!"  Seems very Doctor-ish.  Amy Pond might be my favorite companion of the post-millennium show, but she hasn't surpassed Ace yet.

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