Thursday, January 08, 2009

Get On With It

Somebody bought a copy of the Peryton RPG through Lulu yesterday.  Yes, online sales have slowed down enough on that book that I notice one purchase.  The funny thing is that I actually had a mixed reaction.  Glad to make a sale, but also kind of cringing because I was supposed to have put out the revised edition three months ago, and I still haven't finished the layouts.  That was the first book I did for Peryton Publishing, and all I see when I look at the current edition these days is what I did wrong.  I just hope the customer won't feel that way.

What this really is, is another jab in the belly telling me to get back on the ball.  I'm sitting on three covers and several pieces of interior artwork, all of which is paid for.  I've got two overdue stories to finish (and a web page to put up) for POW!erful Tales, Loar to finish, and of course the aforementioned Peryton RPG revision (which should be easy but keeps getting pushed back).  And that's not even considering whatever layouts I'll need to do for Tom.  At least I don't have to translate so much anymore.  Thank Grod for that rogue editor we befriended in Milwaukee.

Don't get me wrong.  I've been working; it's just that it's been a bit too leisurely.  "Okay, I've put in a couple of hours today.  Time to watch another old Doctor Who episode on the Netflix box."  And, a lot of times, the work I did get done was crap work like web updates, financial drudgery, trying to communicate with humans, and stuff like that.

This stuff is all gonna rock, too.  I just have to shake off the Holiday sloth and get back to it, cause I'm already bursting with ideas for new projects to chastise myself over after this.

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