Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Evil ACORN Conspiracy

Good article. Here's my favorite quote:

If the howlings of maddened Drudge-readers were to be believed, vicious gangs of ACORN thugs are roaming the ghettos forcing people to register to vote over and over again. And it's all part of a huge conspiracy to defraud (great white hope) John McCain and install (black Muslim terrorist) Barack Obama as president.

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  1. I actually saw someone claim that Rush Limbaugh had ordered his followers to foul up the voter rolls from the ACORN project in order to give the GOP something to howl about. Sounds unlikely, but he did apparently get about 100,000 voters to cross over and vote for Hillary in the primary in order to extend it. Of course, that just resulted in getting all of Obama's "scandals" out and helping him establish field offices in every state.

    The GOP is also hounding the Democratic Secretary of State in Ohio nearly to death. They are terrified of all these new minority voters who (I hope) will actually show up, get to vote, and toss the bums out.