Peryton Anthologies

These anthologies are books which Peryton Publishing, a company I used to be part of, published, but which also have one or two stories by me in them.

POW!erful Tales

Two of my stories appear in this anthology:
  • The Man Comes Around - detailing the origin of the super-hero team, The Enigmas, and the arrival of their arch-enemy, Covenant, on Earth.
  • Mister Blue Sky - a group of young, second-string super-heroes comes together with the help of Santa Claus to fight evil snowmen, elfin mobsters, and reindeer with machine guns.
A sequel with the same editor was in the works. It would have included one story by me, but someone else was publishing it. The story I wrote for the sequel and the two from Pow!erful Tales can all be found in Stars, Specters, and Super-Powers.

Here's the sales blurb for the book:

Originally conceived to celebrate Peryton Publishing's POW! roleplaying game, POW!erful Tales is a lavishly illustrated collection of fifteen stories by a diverse assortment of writers, ranging from talented newcomers to acclaimed professionals, including Geoffrey Thorne, Mark Onspaugh, Lawrence Barker, Gustavo Bondoni, Tim McDaniel, John E. Rogers, and more! Explore Beta City, the hero capital of the world, and its surroundings in what used to be northern Ohio! Marvel at the exploits of good, evil and indifferent superhumans in a world threatened by everything from street crime to malevolent gods! Experience the unique shared world of POW!erful Tales however you choose - enjoy each of the stories as its own complete tale, or read the book cover-to-cover to unveil the hidden plot threads running through the entire volume.

Reviews of POW!erful Tales:
$15.99 - Click Here to Buy Print
$4.99 - Click Here to Buy PDF

Troll Tunnels

My story, "All Your Friends Are Monsters" appears in this anthology.  It's the first of a series of stories (so far, two) about Charn and Horgic's adventures in the lands of Isun and beyond. This story and its sequel can also be found in Stars, Specters, and Super-Powers.

Here's the sales blurb for the book:

Troll Tunnels is an illustrated collection of ten sword and sorcery tales spanning a wide range of tones, from the light and humorous "Trollgod's Treasure Hunt" by Tunnels & Trolls creator Ken St. Andre, to Michael Lea's disturbing historical thriller, "Ravana's Palace."

Though conceived originally as a tribute to the game Tunnels and Trolls, this collection has evolved into something more. These stories were not chosen because they came straight from the gaming table - they didn't - or because they are limited by a set of rules - they aren't. They were chosen because they embody the nimble imagination and wonder-driven storytelling that characterize the best memories of a shared adventure.