Wednesday, March 18, 2009


No, not really.

But I did get some great news from our distributor yesterday!  It seems Qalidar and Troll Tunnels are actually selling enough to not only pay for themselves, but make a profit.  Okay, I'm not completely sure about Troll Tunnels because we spent too much money on that one and I haven't gone back to the spreadsheet yet.  Despite the subject header, it certainly doesn't mean I'm rich, or anywhere near becoming rich, but it does kind of suggest that I can make this game design/writing thing work as a little bit of extra income instead of an extravagantly expensive hobby. 

I allowed myself a little mini-celebration last night while Tom was at work, with pizza, wine, and Doctor Who.  Now that I have evidence that people will actually see my work, though, I'm eager to get back to it.


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